UCPMR Aims and Objectives

UCP Management Review endeavors an outlook of research developments and their understanding in the field of management and its aspects. It publishes articles that reflect the advancements in management.
The main objectives of the journal are as follows:

  • To promote the management based knowledge and their results
  • To encourage the exchange of ideas and application of management research
  • To offer a platform to the researchers, resource persons, scholars and practitioners to share their research findings in order to ensure informed decisions leading to improved business practices overall.

The journal aims to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical implications of management related issues by publishing the articles. These are written explicitly to offer suggestions to the researchers and the practitioners. The journal makes attempts in all areas of the management in order to balance out the subject matter that would be appealing to broader readership. Aims of the journal to achieve the objectives can be specified as underlined:

  • To ensure that the journals are published on regular basis, widely circulated and read and attract enough high quality papers from national (and international) range of authors.
  • To provide opportunities to the young scholars to make use of these research papers and enhance their professional research skills.

The UCP Management Review covers various fields of management including Human Resource Management, Supply Chain & Operations Management, Financial Management , Political Science , Information Technology Management , Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Religious Studies, Public Administration & Management, Public Policy, Organization Development & Change, Branding and Marketing Management, Sociological Analysis of Organizations and Human Behavior, Economics, Business Communication, Human & Organizational Behavior, Sustainability and Natural Resource Management. The purpose is to disseminate the ideas about the business to the researchers, academicians, practitioners and to all those who can be benefited from the publications.

Privacy Policy

Articles submitted in the journal are the property of UCPMR. No Journal is allowed to copy and use our content without permission. All the personal information of authors will be protected and used only for dissemination of important information. Email addresses of authors are prohibited to use for commercial purposes.