UCP Management Review, abbreviated as UCPMR, is a research journal published by the University of Central Punjab (UCP), Pakistan. It is open access, double-blind peer review journal publishing biannually (1st issue on 30th June and 2nd issue on 31st December). It caters to the research entailing research developments and their understanding in the field of management. The journal attracts readership from a broad array of audience, both academia and corporate, catering to such a global and diverse audience, all manuscripts are required to be written in English language only The journal's website is in accordance to the ethical and international standards, and is operated by a team of professional editorial board members. The mission of the journal is to promote advances in research and development of all management related areas by providing a forum for communication of the most exciting new discoveries. UCP Management Review is using LOCKSS and CLOCKSS for digital archiving. 

Salient features of UCPMR

  • Publisher: HEC W Category University, ensuring high-quality standards.
  • Open Access: Free and unrestricted access to all, ensures greater reach.
  • Authors Copyright: The author has full control over their work, as the ownership lies with them under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License..
  • No author processing and publication charges (APC): What best quality publication and international recognition for free. 
  • Fast Track publication: UCPMR via its clearly defined peer review process ensures a timely and quality oriented review. 
  • Double blind Peer-Review: Expert reviewers provide rigorous feedback thus giving authors the opportunity to improve their manuscript.