Peer Review Process

UCPMR Peer Review Process

UCPMR ensures the quality of published material via peer-review process. The journal operates a double-blind review process in which the identities of the authors and reviewers are kept confidential, to avoid conflict of interest, biasness and to make sure manusripts are evaluated on the basis of content. We ensure to keep the peer review process confidential, rigorous to match that it is at par to the traditional subscription based journals.

The quality control system is as such;

Step 1. An initial screening is conducted by the editorial board. The editorial board have the right to reject the paper before the formal peer review if they found the paper to be inappropriate according to their discipline and standards.

Step 2. Abstract and Full-text Papers removing authors' identities are sent to two separate and anonymous reviewers (local and international) to evaluate the quality of the paper. 

Step 3. Upon their consent to review, they are given a specified time period to review.

Step 4. Reviewers within the given time inform the editorial member about the decision. OJS allows autonomy to the authors in terms of transparency, where they can view each stage of the review process.

Step 5. If manuscripts require revision, authors are given a specified period of time to ensure changes are incorporated.

Step 6. The manuscript is sent to copy-editor to prepare for production. 

Detailed guidelines for the reviewers are also mentioned on the reviewer login portal. A flow chart of the detailed publication process is also given on the website.